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At The Christ Hospital we offer the full spectrum of orthopaedic sports medicine care for injuries such as ACL tears, shoulder injuries, sprains, strains, breaks and more. We also offer one of the few concussion evaluation and management program in the Tristate.

Concussion evaluation and management

One of the ways to help determine the severity of a concussion, predict time to recovery from a concussion and monitor recovery following a concussion is through the use of ImPACT®, a computer-based neuropsychological test. The Christ Hospital Sports Medicine Concussion Management Program, led by Edward A. Marcheschi, MD, and with support of The Christ Physicians-Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine and The Christ Hospital Physical and Occupational Therapy Centers, offers adolescent and adult concussion evaluation and management.

Learn more as Dr. Edward Marcheschi
discusses concussions

  Dr. Marcheschi has been a clinician in the field of sports concussion management since starting practice in Cincinnati in 2002. He recognizes that educating and servicing our sports community ahead of the legislation and media’s attention related to this injury has helped Cincinnati maintain its edge in sports concussion management.

Neuropsychological testing is a standard part of the evaluation of most sports-related concussions. Research in this unique field of medicine has repeatedly shown that tests such as ImPACT® are important tools to use for the clinician who is evaluating and treating athletes that are faced with this complex and challenging form of brain injury. ImPACT® is designed for athletes ages 10 and above.

ImPACT® evaluates multiple aspects of brain function, such as memory and mental processing speed. The results from this test, along with the profile of symptoms associated with the concussion, not only help the clinician evaluate the severity of the concussion, but they also can help predict the time needed for recovery.

Improving outcomes for your athlete is our concern

The goal of The Christ Hospital Sports Medicine Concussion Management Program is to return the athlete to sport as quickly and as safely as possible following a sports concussion. ImPACT® provides us an important piece to a complicated puzzle. Younger-aged athletes are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a concussion without the appropriate management and in some cases this may lead to persistent headaches and lingering memory problems. Resuming collision sport activity prior to full recovery may even be catastrophic in this group of athletes.



Who else Uses ImPACT®?

·       NFL

·       Major League Soccer

·       NHL

·       US Army and US Navy

·       NBA

·       MLB

·       Professional automobile racing

·       USA Olympic sports

·       Local high schools, colleges and universities



Your visit to The Christ Hospital Concussion Management Program

Athletes diagnosed with a concussion may be evaluated using ImPACT® on their first visit as determined by Dr. Marcheschi. Information regarding the athlete’s symptoms and prior concussion history will be gathered and a neurological exam completed during that visit. Balance testing may be performed on that visit in conjunction with a Christ Hospital Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer. After accumulating and reviewing all of this information, Dr. Marcheschi will be able to determine the severity of and prognosis for the athletes’ concussion, allowing him to outline a plan for care and treatment.


All ImPACT® test results are evaluated by Dr. Marcheschi, of The Christ Hospital Sports Medicine Concussion Management Program.



Baseline ImPACT® Test – What you need to know

We recommend baseline testing of all athletes in collision and/or contact sports, however, any athlete of any sport can obtain a baseline test. A pre-season ImPACT® test objectively measures aspects of brain function unique to each athlete before having sustained injury to the brain. To learn more or schedule a baseline ImPACT® test please call 513.333.2580


Information and Tools

Click here to read more about Ohio’s new return-to-play law which addresses concussion for youth athletes participating in school-based programs at both public and private schools.

If you are a coach, trainer, athlete or parent, it is important to keep a concussion recognition guide easily accessible. This tool will help you identify a concussion and act appropriately.

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool™

Contact Us

For more information or to make an appointment with The Christ Hospital Sports Medicine and Concussion Management Program, please call 513.333.2580.


3950 Red Bank Road

Cincinnati, OH 45227




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