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Microneedling: Who It's Right For and How It Works

Q102's Jennifer Fritsch recently visited The Christ Hospital Medical Spa to try out VirtueRF, a microneedling procedure that's great for acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, and texture. Watch as she goes through the process and learn if it m Read More

Posted May 18, 2022 | By Jennifer Fritsch, Q102 radio personality; and Marilineys Cintron Burgos, CNP, The Christ Hospital Medical Spa
Finding Allergy Relief

From seasonal allergies to allergens in the home, it can be tough to find relief. B105's Cheslie got these tips from one of our experts. Read More

Posted May 18, 2022 | By Chelsie, B105 radio personality; and Collin Burkart, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat
Two Periods in One Month or a Missed Period Could Be Thyroid Disease

Could two periods in one month or a missed period mean thyroid disease? Learn how the thyroid affects your period and fertility and when to see a doctor. Read More

Posted May 05, 2022 | The Christ Hospital Diabetes & Endocrine Center
How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

It's normal to feel stressed when faced with times of uncertainty, but there are things you can do at home to help! Try these tips for identifying the symptoms and finding some relief. Read More

Posted May 04, 2022 | By Emily Neaville, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care
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MD Insider: Being a Top 50 Cardiac Program

Very few centers in the country come close to providing the innovation, leading edge technology and expertise available at The Christ Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute. Learn more about what it means to be among the Top 50 programs. Read More

Posted January 21, 2022 | By MD Insider Staff
MD Insider: Treating Chest Pain

15 million Americans suffer from cardiac related chest pain despite standard interventions like medication, bypass surgery, or stents. Learn what The Christ Hospital is doing about it for patients. Read More

Posted January 18, 2022 | By MD Insider Staff
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