The Diversity and Inclusion council at The Christ Hospital

Work in a culturally diverse and supportive environment​

Each of us brings a unique cultural perspective and energy to the world, and we embrace our differences at The Christ Hospital Health Network. 

Inclusiveness to all races, genders, ideals and religions is in the fabric of who we are and has been for a long time. In fact, The Christ Hospital was the first in our region to hire a female physician.

We tirelessly work to increase our cultural understanding to better serve our diverse patients and team members. Doing so has created a safe place where you can feel confident in being your true, authentic and whole self. We achieve this through a variety of team member programs, corporate initiatives and training.

Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Diversity & Inclusion Council was created to carry on the legacy of compassion and inclusion that our hospital was founded on more than 125 years ago.

The council is made up of team members who educate, advocate and foster an environment of understanding, respect and civility among all team members. They partner with many departments, including human resources, marketing and others to support this mission.

Caring for unique and diverse patient populations

We train and educate our patient care teams to provide the highest level of service to our growing and changing community. We also use what we learn to create a culture of respect and support for our diverse team.

Two programs demonstrate our commitment to diversity within patient care.

South Asian heart care

South Asians have a unique risk for heart disease. With forward-thinking leadership and a compassion for caring for all, we created a South Asian cardiovascular clinic to address this specific need in our community.

Care for our Latino patients

The ethnically diverse Latino patient has distinct medical and cultural needs. Through extensive training, we ensure our team understands the differences in languages, traditions, beliefs and health conditions specifically related to this population.

Supplier diversity

Our commitment to diversity goes beyond our patients and team members to how we conduct business. We strive to build valued partnerships with qualified and diverse customers and suppliers.

We actively seek to work with minority-owned vendors and contractors who can help us meet our mission for the highest quality and affordable care. As a nonprofit organization, we make smart economic decisions, and realize the most robust cost-savings using the best vendors available.