Medical residents in white coats at The Christ Hospital

Residency programs at The Christ Hospital extend an enhanced learning experience where residents receive personalized training and accelerated experience in all levels of medical care from routine patient check-ups to performing procedures. Our program includes essential training for a comprehensive medical care foundation but also encourages and allows residents to tailor their rotations according to their professional and personal interests. 

Recently named Cincinnati’s number one hospital by U.S. News and World Report, The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine program holds itself to high standards. For 23 consecutive years, our commitment to our patients, faculty and staff has helped The Christ Hospital Health Network remain the National Research Corporation’s Most Preferred Hospital in the Greater Cincinnati region.

The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program offers an up close and personal team-round experience with an intern/attending ratio of 2 to 1. Our residents work directly alongside attendings on a vast range of patient care, from minor ailments such as urinary tract infections to more intensive care treatment for conditions such as severe sepsis. Residents are also expected to participate in the decision making processes. As our residents gain more experience they increasingly receive greater responsibility for the care and wellness of their patients in a progressive educational model.

Not only do our residents receive direct hands-on experience and personalized feedback and training, we allow each resident to choose their own electives to broaden their training and fulfill any personal interests. Our program’s structure and size allows for influential relationships and comradery among all The Christ Hospital faculty and staff. 

Unlike some teaching hospitals that keep attendings and residents at arm’s length from each other, our residents and attendings have a direct working relationship. As a result, our residents develop a richer learning experience and broader exposure to the knowledge they’ll need to become outstanding physicians.