Since 1974, The Christ Hospital has trained a hundreds of excellent medical professionals.  These physicians practice primary care, hospital medicine, and medical subspecialties not only in the Cincinnati area but also nationwide.  Many of our graduates' responsibilities include hospital, residency, fellowship, or practice administration.   Our graduate network is eager to assist residents just beginning their careers.  We individualize your training to meet your personal needs and promote your ambitions.  We are proud to have placed 100 percent of our graduates into practice or fellowships each year.

Program overview

The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program Overview

The Christ Hospital Health Network's Vision and Mission

  • Vision: Be a national leader in clinical excellence, patient experience, and affordable care

  • Mission: Improve the health of our community and create patient value by providing exceptional outcomes, affordable care and the finest experiences.

The Christ Hospital Health Network's Core Values

  • Excellence

  • Compassion

  • Efficiency

  • Leadership

  • Safety

The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Mission

  • To train skilled, compassionate, and well-rounded internal medicine physicians prepared to practice in current and future medical environments.

  • To identify and cultivate each individual's medical interests and talents, and to promote successful careers.

  • To build teamwork, leadership and intellectual curiosity.

  • To encourage balance between professional responsibilities and personal lives.

Guidelines for Applicants

  • Christ Hospital is a nicotine-free employer.  The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency is governed by this policy.

  • We recruit 10 preliminary and 9 categorical interns each year

  • All applicants must participate in the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS). 

  • We require an application, a personal statement, medical school transcripts, a medical school MSPE, three letters of recommendation, and USMLE or COMLEX scores.  These must be submitted through ERAS.  No paper applications or documents outside of ERAS are accepted.

  • Candidates are selected through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

How We Choose Applicants to Interview

  • Applications are reviewed once information is released to the program by ERAS.  It is advantageous to complete your application as soon as possible.  Late or incomplete applications may be inadvertently missed.

  • All applications for medical students who have rotated at our hospital will be closely reviewed.

  • All applications for medical students training in regional programs (i.e., those in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky) will be closely reviewed.

  • All applications for medical students from the Cincinnati area (regardless of where they are attending medical school) will be closely reviewed.

  • Applicants must complete Step 1 of USMLE or COMLEX.  These scores must be present in the ERAS application.  Applicants are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to have completed Step 2-CK by the time they apply. 

  • While we have no strict minimum USMLE or COMLEX score requirements, higher scores will make your application more competitive.  Generally, successful applicants have USMLE Step 1 scores greater than 210 and Step 2-CK greater than 220.  Comparable COMLEX Step scores are greater than 500.  Failed exams SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE your chance of interviewing.

  • We are unable to tell you how likely an interview will be offered based on the merits of your application.

Special considerations for International Medical Graduates

  • Active ECFMG certification is required

  • You should apply no more than three years after graduation from medical school.  Applicants who do not fit this criterion must have a strong explanation and probably a personal connection with the residency program.

  • Applicants must have had direct clinical experience (not observerships) within the last year in a hospital within the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada.  At least three months of clinical experience in the United States is preferred.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential.

  • Generally, the Christ Hospital does not offer observerships to applicants. Our limited observership positions are reserved for internal referrals.  Clinical rotations are reserved for current medical students from credentialed schools.  

What to Expect Before the Hospital Visit, on your Interview Day, and Afterwards

Before the interview

  • Interviews are scheduled through ERAS

  • Interviews begin in October and end in January or February

  • You will be invited to a dinner with our residents the night preceding the interview

  • On our interview day you will…

  • Attend our morning report

  • Tour the hospital

  • Meet with the residency administrator

  • Learn about our hospital, the program, our curriculum, the resident contact, and resident benefits

  • Interview with two residency representatives: program directors, core faculty members, or residents.

  • Attend additional educational conferences such as resident rounds and noon conference.

  • Have lunch with our residents

  • Have additional opportunities to talk with our residents

After the interview

  • The residency plans to offer two open house weekends during the interview season.  These events are only offered to applicants who have interviewed.  They are completely voluntary and will not affect whether you are ranked or your rank position.  The goal is to address questions that may have arisen after your visit. 

  • We are unable to tell you our assessment of your application and interview or things you can do to improve your application.

How We Determine our Rank List

  • Applicants must complete and pass Step 1, 2-CK, and 2-CS to be ranked.  This information must be in ERAS by January (ideally) or early February (at the latest).

  • We review all aspects of your application with special attention to Step 1, Step 2-CK, MSPE and class rank, personal statement, and interview.  Regarding step scores, we place more emphasis on Step 2.

  • We favor applicants who reflect our health network's core values and the residency's mission.

  • We listen to feedback from our residency's administrators, faculty, interviewers, and residents. 

  • The rank position is determined by committee with procedures to reduce bias.

  • We generally avoid telling you whether we plan to rank you or where you will be ranked.  We will avoid ambiguous phrases like, "you will be ranked highly." 

Benefits of Internal Medicine Residency

2018-19 Benefits

  • First Year Resident: $53,865

  • Second Year Resident: $58,026

  • Third Year Resident: $59,767 

  • Signing Bonus: $2,500 (for incoming first year residents)  

  • Food Allowance: $1500 per year

  • Medical Insurance: for the resident. Family coverage available

  • Life Insurance: paid at a rate of two times annual base salary with the option to purchase supplemental insurance (dependent life, accidental death & dismemberment, LT disability, personal CA protection, critical illness insurance, personal accident, LT care plan).

  • Dental Insurance: coverage available at a premium for the individual or for family. Can have Dental Care plus which includes vision services.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: provided to the resident for activities within the scope of the assigned program, occurrence type.

  • Retirement: each resident participates in Social Security. A resident may voluntarily contribute pre-tax dollars to a 403(b).

  • Paid Time Off: 25 days.

  • Specialty Board and Licensure Examination Leave: time is permitted for first-time sitting for ABMS or USMLE licensing exams with proper notice to program. Provides that resident is not on call the evening before his/her exam.

  • Maternity Leave:  complies with provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act.

  • Educational Stipend: $500 is provided to R-1's; $1,000 is provided to R2's and $2,000 to R 3's. This may be used to purchase subscriptions to journals or other medical periodicals, medical texts, or medical software. It may be used for attendance at approved CME conferences.

  • Lab Coats: 2 white coats and 1 fleece are provided during PGY 1; 2 new coats of choice in PGY 2 and 3  (Fleece or White) .

  • Free Parking: free parking is available in a covered garage.

Training Medical Specialists - Fellowship Placement

As residents begin their professional careers, they are not alone. The Christ Hospital attendings and alumni network form an incredible support systems to mentor residents.  The Christ Hospital residency program enjoys a strong record of placing graduates in medical fellowships.

See all former residents of The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Fellowship Placement