Pharmacy Residents at The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital Pharmacy Residents - PGY2

Read below about our wonderful PGY2 Resident here at The Christ Hospital Pharmacy Residency PGY2 Program!

Alice Chen, PharmD

Hometown: Irvine, CA
Interests: I enjoy reading, traveling, hiking, trying new restaurants, and visiting farmers' markets.
Why TCH? The preceptors at TCH are genuinely invested in the growth and development of their residents. I really enjoyed meeting everyone during my interview, and I knew I would have many opportunities to learn more about cardiology pharmacy at a hospital that offers so many cardiovascular services.
Advice for students interested in pursuing a residency: Stay open to the possibility of applying to programs that are new to you! Take advantage of regional residency showcases and Midyear to learn more about sites that may have what you’re looking for in a residency program but may not have been on your radar initially.