4 Superfoods You Should be Eating

​​​​​With all the food options and labels at the grocery store, it’s hard to know exactly which foods provide optimal health benefits. Luckily, science helps us know which foods are nutritious.​ 

Here are four superfoods nutritional experts and researchers say you should be eating: 

  • Beets. While this vegetable is not as popular as carrots or broccoli, it should be. Beets have naturally occurring nitrates, which help support healthy blood pressure. They also contain high amounts of fiber, vitamin C and betaine (a chemical that protects the body from environmental stress). Plus, they are edible all the way from the leaves to the root. You can eat them fresh or steam them and add to your favorite salads or main dishes.
  • Turmeric. You’ll likely find this spice in popular Indian and Asian dishes, but it shouldn’t stop there. Turmeric has been used as a long-time household remedy for centuries, and its health benefits continue to make modern medicine headlines. Turmeric provides antioxidants that may help delay or prevent certain chronic diseases and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also acts as a digestive aid. Simply add a dash or two to your favorite dishes to reap the benefits!
  • Kefir. Kefir is a dairy product produced through fermentation of yeasts and bacteria that are naturally present in grains of kefir. The nutritional benefits include an abundance of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Kefir also contains probiotics that help regulate digestion.
  • Coconut milk. Coconut milk promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising good cholesterol (HDL). Use coconut milk as you would any other milk. You can also try it in smoothies for a creamier texture, or add a splash in your morning coffee. 

Next time you go to the grocery store, be sure to pick up one (or all) of these foods for a healthier you! 

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