5 Reasons to Choose HIPEC Treatment for Advanced Abdominal Cancer

If you have abdominal cancer that has spread to the lining of the abdomen, it can be difficult to treat using traditional chemotherapy. Your doctor may recommend hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)—a highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy delivered directly into your abdominal cavity following abdominal surgery. 

As one of the few centers in the United States to offer this advanced treatment, we are proud to be giving new hope to abdominal cancer patients. Even if your cancer is advanced, HIPEC is an option that provides advantages and renewed optimism for successful treatment. 

Here are five reasons you should consider choosing HIPEC as a treatment for your abdominal cancer:

  1. HIPEC is delivered directly into the abdominal cavity, so it can penetrate the cancer cells and diseased tissue more easily than traditional chemotherapy. 
  2. Heated chemotherapy improves the blood flow in the abdominal cavity, which helps improve the delivery of the medicine to the cancer cells. 
  3. Since treatment is being delivered directly to the cancer site, higher doses of chemotherapy can be used. The rest of your body receives less exposure to the chemotherapy, and you’ll experience less side-effects. 
  4. You receive HIPEC in a single dose during surgery, as opposed to undergoing multiple treatment sessions with traditional chemotherapy. 
  5. HIPEC is more likely to kill remaining or hard to see cancer cells compared to standard chemotherapy treatment. 

Learn more about how HIPEC at The Christ Hospital may help treat your abdominal cancer and how the procedure works. Contact our nurse navigator for more information or to make an appointment by calling 513-585-0694.