5 Safety Tips When Getting a Salon Pedicure

​​Going to a nail salon for a pedicure is an excellent way to pamper yourself and relax. But if safety precautions are not taken, salon pedicures can lead to various infections, including nail fungus and plantar warts.

Follow these important safety tips to ensure your nail salon experience is healthy and relaxing.

  1. Look for health and safety clues. Are the nail stations in good condition? Are the tools clean and properly stored? Are the pedicure footbaths and filters disinfected before each use? Is there good ventilation throughout the salon to help eliminate chemical fumes? Seek answers to these questions before you book your appointment by taking a tour of the nail salon and asking a technician how they disinfect their tools. If you feel any of these questions are not properly answered, then it’s best to find another salon.
  2. Get to know your nail technician. Ask your technician about their training and methods. Does he or she have a professional license? Does he or she wash his or her hands between clients and use gloves during appointments.
  3. Purchase your own tools. If you get frequent salon pedicures, consider purchasing your own tools to be used at the salon. Properly wash and disinfect your tools at home after each use. Ask your doctor about the best way to sanitize your tools.
  4. Shave your legs after the appointment. While it may be tempting to shave before your appointment, it’s best to wait until it’s finished. Legs that are nicked from shaving have a higher risk of infection from a salon pedicure.
  5. Don't cut cuticles or clip toenails too short. Cutting your cuticles and clipping your toenails too short can lead to infection. Cutting your toenails back too much can also cause an ingrown toenail. Ask your nail technician to avoid doing these things.

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