A Herculean Effort Makes Patients, Staff More Comfortable

Exceptional care from the region's most talented, compassionate nurses has inspired numerous individuals and families to give to The Christ Hospital Cancer Program. Funds totaling $200,000 from employees, physicians, grateful patients, and a portion of the hospital's 2018 Gala proceeds were recently used to purchase 'Hercules Patient Repositioners' for the Inpatient Cancer Unit and clinical staff floor. Designed to help nurses move and lift patients from their beds, 'Hercules Patient Repositioners' have been shown to improve patient satisfaction and reduce injuries to staff. At the touch of a button, a sheet rolls like a conveyer belt to the top of the bed, lifting the patient upright.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Reduces the friction that can cause skin shear and tears since the patient moves with the sheet
  • Provides smooth and comfortable repositionings
  • Protects the patient's dignity by reducing the feelings of helplessness and embarrassment
  • Improves the overall patient experience

Benefits to Nurses and Staff:

  • Saves times
  • Faster response to patient
  • Patient repositioning in 10 seconds, with just the push of a button
  • Nurses can handle patient repositioning without seeking additional help
  • Helps eliminate injuries associated with traditional methods of pulling patients up in bed

"The staff of 4 West are extremely grateful for the generous donations that made all of this possible," says Brittany Prather BSN, CMSRN, Clinical Nurse Manager. "The Hercules mattress not only provides a more comfortable experience for our patients, but also protects their dignity with repositioning. Furthermore, the mattresses benefit the caregiver with its ability to improve proper body mechanics and overall care efficiency."

Learn more about The Christ Hospital Cancer Program. or how you can make a gift to support patient care.