Advocating for Those in Need: Nurses Week Spotlight

It's such a great privilege to be a Christ Hospital nurse.  I work in Kidney Transplant, and I am surrounded every day by this brilliant and passionately committed team of people who transform lives.  For patients with end stage kidney disease,  a kidney transplant allows them to get off of dialysis and reclaim their lives.  For people who can't tolerate dialysis, a kidney transplant means the difference between life or death.  And then we then have our living kidney donors - the brave and generous family members, friends and even strangers who donate their kidneys and save lives.  Our transplant patients are walking miracles and the highly specialized interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals I get to work with are miracle workers.  Its truly humbling.

Nursing is a second career for me, and one that I couldn't have had without the incredible support of my husband and family.  I'm so blessed and I know it.  I felt a spiritual calling to go into nursing and I put my trust in Him to make a way for me.  Years ago, my younger brother, at the age of 30, died in his sleep.  He had been chronically ill for many years and was in terrible pain all the time.  He couldn't hold down a job because he was in and out of the hospital so frequently, and because he didn't have any money or insurance, he was not always treated with dignity or kindness when he needed medical help.  Honestly, the way he was treated sometimes enraged me.  My brother, Terry, is one of the big reasons I went into nursing.  Terry was always very protective of the people he loved and he gave all he had.  I honor his memory when I serve others, especially when I serve those who are underprivileged.

I am the Quality and Performance Improvement Coordinator for our Kidney Transplant Center, and although I'm no longer working directly with our patients, I am driven to help our center provide the best quality, evidence-based practice care we can to our patients and their families.  To me, our patients are my brother, Terry, and my other 2 brothers, and my sister, my parents, and my husband and daughters, my in-laws, my grandparents and my friends - and the folks I work with here all feel the same way.  Christ Hospital is not just the "Heart Hospital" because of our great cardiologists – we're the heart hospital because the people here care so much.  It's an extraordinary honor to do what I do, and I'm grateful.  

​Kate is pictured above with her daughter at the Kidney Walk last year.