Cancer Survivorship & Wellness

Once treatment for cancer ends, where does that leave you? Celebrations? Relief? A time to reflect? For many patients, it can be all of the above as well as an opportunity to start living life to its fullest.

A few common cancer survivorship issues facing the community leave an impression and require additional support. Symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, weight changes, lymphedema and neuropathy can be troubling. Additionally, many people face financial distress related to the cost of treatment and changes in income during treatment.

The Christ Hospital Health Network is providing an opportunity for cancer survivors to learn more about managing life after cancer treatment. The Cancer Survivorship Wellness class will cover common topics in cancer survivorship, including financial stress, fatigue, anxiety and lifestyle changes, and share resources and solutions to help.

Financial stress

Cancer not only affects your physical health, it also affects your financial stability. Patients may have to take time off work or have large medical bills. Regardless of the issue, financial stress can set in post-treatment. There might be some solutions to explore as you navigate this financial stress.

Cancer-related fatigue

Most people experience severe fatigue that takes a toll on their day-to-day functioning during and after cancer treatment. Fatigue can make it difficult to get back to the life you knew before cancer. The cancer-related fatigue program at The Christ Hospital Health Network works on improving your strength and stamina and reducing your fatigue to make the transition into survivorship easier.


Life after cancer involves a lifestyle change away from the medical professionals who took such great care of you. With this, anxiety can develop. It is important to take control of this anxiety to guard your overall health. Yoga classes at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center are a great method for coping with anxiety.

Lifestyle changes

Survivorship is about the new you. Taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle is a great way to promote a new you. Practicing yoga or adding movement into your daily routine or learning how to incorporate healthy eating choices can be effective methods toward a new, healthy lifestyle.


Join us for our Cancer Survivorship Wellness class on Tuesday, April 11, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center activity room on Level D. Please RSVP to Jaimie Robinson at or by calling 513-585-2023.