Caring About (Not Just For) Patients: Nurses Week Spotlight

It's funny how life has a mind of its own, isn't it? After the death of my young husband many years ago, I never would have imagined that anything good could have risen out of that darkness; but it did...nursing.

Being a widow with two small children, I needed not only an income but a purpose for my future. Nursing school was difficult but it was where I learned the science and profession of caring for patients and families.  After applying and completing the critical care internship however, The Christ Hospital is where I learned to care about them.

I have now been at The Christ Hospital for 27 years and have witnessed nursing excellence throughout my career. The patient who got to go out on the terrace because he wanted to see the sun one more time before his passing; The wedding that took place on the unit where the bride walked down the decorated hallway next to her father's hospital bed because he was too sick to attend the church ceremony; The human circle of love around the patient who was so fearful of her first chemotherapy treatment she was having a panic attack; all conducted by nurses. But not just nurses. Christ Hospital nurses. The best of the best.  I know this to be true because I witnessed the first two examples as a staff nurse and I was that patient in the Cancer Center.

I am so proud to call Christ Hospital nurses my friends, my family, my peers. They are imbedded in my personal and professional life and I am so grateful to be a part of this group who routinely save a life, hold a hand and serve a cup of water all in the same shift. They are an amazing assembly of professionals who are the heart and soul of healthcare; balancing scientific evidence and human interaction in their daily work.

Happy Nurses Week to all the exceptional nurses who strive each day to provide quality, compassionate patient care. You have touched my life as a peer and a patient and I am grateful for your dedication to the profession that I hold so dear. What a blessing you are!