#EverydayChampions You Can Count On

This year, during football's biggest game of the year, and also during everyone's favorite international winter sports competition, we're proud to feature this television commercial that showcases what champions mean to us. From our physicians, dedicated to finding answers to even the toughest questions; to our nurses, tirelessly serving our patients and families in their hour of need; to all of our staff and volunteers, diligently doing their part without hesitation; and to our patients, fearlessly tackling even the most daunting diagnoses: YOU are champions. Every. Single. Day.

As you'll hear in the video above, champions don't just show up on game day. They show up every day.  They come to fight. Play through the pain. They tackle each moment as if someone's life depended on it.

In the darkest moments, that's when champions shine the brightest. 

Shine a light on your #EverydayChampions 
Who are your everyday champions? Maybe it's your mom, your husband, your favorite teacher, or your nurse practitioner. Share photos of these special individuals, along with your reason why, on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook using the hashtag, #EverydayChampions. We'll recognize them by re-sharing on our social medial channels! You can even download and print one of these #EverydayChampions signs to use in your photo.  There are three versions: 

  • ______________ is my Everyday Champion because ….
  • To me, being an Everyday Champion means ….
  • I love working with Everyday Champions because ….

#EverydayChampions, FilMD-style

When we interview physicians for FilMD, our doc-umentary series, we always ask what they love best about what they do, what made them decide to go into medicine, what they're passionate about, and so much more. In this special edition of FilMD, watch some of the most inspiring things they had to say, and you'll quickly see why they're part of our everyday champions squad. 

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A few of our #EverydayChampions

[unscripted]: Angie Easton's Story

See how our patient Angie Easton's life - from foster parenting to kidney donation - has been shaped by her philosophy of making a difference in others' lives where possible.

From Childhood Arthritis to PM& R Physician: Dr. Jennifer Chung's Story

Jennifer Chung, MD, first began experiencing low back pain at 14, and it wasn't until 10 years later that her condition was properly diagnosed. Now years later, read about how her journey fueled her career as a physician and her passion for patient care.

Acute Care for the Elderly: Ashley Lautar's Story

Ashley Lautar finds that it is working on a team that honors the dignity of a frail and vulnerable patient population that makes her job so special and unique.

A Journey with Breast Cancer: Micky Stewart's Story

This special five-part video series features breast cancer survivor Mickey Stewart, who created Micky’s Tiara to energize, empower, and encourage those impacted by cancer.

Advocating for Those in Need: Kate Mungur's Story

Kate chose nursing as a second career after spending years caring and advocating for her brother. Read why she views nursing as a calling.

Teamwork Saves the Life of Long-Time Coach: Ron Dawn's Story

Ron Dawn, one of the winningest high school basketball coaches around, will be the first to tell you that his most successful teams played well together. Five months ago, he saw that level of collaboration working to save his life.

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