ExactechGPS® Technology Guides Shoulder Replacement Surgery at The Christ Hospital

Orthopaedic experts at The Christ Hospital are using an exciting new technology to customize shoulder replacement surgery for patients in the Tristate area. 

The ExactechGPS® Shoulder Application is a computer-assisted system that combines pre-operative 3D CT imaging with an intra-operative infrared tracker. By providing real-time data and digital images to our surgeons, ExactechGPS® gives our experts more flexibility to adjust their approach mid-surgery, improving both accuracy and precision of the implant placement. 

This cutting-edge technology is new for patients struggling with shoulder pain and mobility issues. Candidates for anatomic total shoulder surgery and reverse total shoulder replacement have typically tried many other treatment paths before considering surgery – anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections and/or physical therapy. Often, these treatments are a temporary fix, and the patient’s pain or mobility issues slowly creep back in over time. 

At The Christ Hospital, we know shoulder replacement surgery is a big decision. By utilizing the ExactechGPS® system, our surgeons improve surgical accuracy to within 1.5 degrees and 1mm – helping to ensure your implant is in exactly the right spot. This accurate placement aids in quicker healing and helps you get back to your active life.

“This new system takes into account each patient’s very unique anatomy, helping us to achieve the most accurate implant placement,” says Marc Schneider, MD, orthopaedic surgeon with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Joint & Spine. “Precisely placed shoulder implants not only improve clinical outcomes but also the patient’s quality of life.” 

The Christ Hospital is an early adopter of this technology and one of the only healthcare networks in the Tristate area to utilize the ExactechGPS® system for shoulder replacement surgeries. 

“Surgery is a combination of art and science,” says Dr. Schneider. “The real-time visual guidance provided by the ExactechGPS® system is a significant scientific advance in shoulder replacement surgery.” 

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