Healthspirations Heart Month Series

As humans, we learn and live best through the power of storytelling. Each of us has a story that can inspire others, or even teach them something. We want to share your stories with others to spread awareness about heart disease…and the wonderful life that can lead after diagnosis. If you or a loved one are interested in having your story told during heart month, the next steps are easy:

  • Send us a private Facebook message or email  
  • Provide a short paragraph about yourself, diagnosis, treatment, and how life is now.
  • Provide a few pictures that go along with those details.
  • Complete these steps by Feb. 10. 

From there, we will create a video slideshow like the ones below. Each video will be shared on our Facebook page during the month of February, and also sent to the participant to share with their family and friends. Help us create as many of these special story-telling videos to share as possible!

Throughout February, for every Like, Comment or Share on these videos, we will donate $1 to heart research. Donation total not to exceed $3,000. Promotion valid through Feb. 28.

Watch Bruno's, Jamie's, Pat's, and Rob's stories: