Helping Patients Achieve Their Goals: Nurses Week Spotlight

I was a nursing instructor in Florida for two years before I found The Christ Hospital. I loved being able to teach young, aspiring nurses and see the lightbulbs come on in their heads when they understood a difficult nursing concept. However, I missed being able to reach out to patients myself.

I missed helping patients through tough milestones after a surgery and cheering them on after achieving something that they had been working on for days. I missed being there for the patients' families, whether that meant crying with them or being their rock during a scary situation. I was ready to get back to bedside nursing, so I began my search.

Through word of mouth, I heard about The Christ Hospital. The more that I found out about this place, the more that I liked it. I learned that the facility held Magnet status and had a phenomenal cardiac program. I had experience in a cardiac ICU prior to becoming a nursing instructor and loved everything about the heart. As I told other people I was looking into applying at The Christ Hospital, I heard more stories even from people in Florida. One couple told me that they traveled from Florida to Cincinnati just to get a surgery done at The Christ Hospital because it was the best. It seemed too good to be true, so I applied to be a nurse in the cardiac ICU.

I got the job and started at The Christ Hospital about a year ago. Since then, I have come to understand why it is so well-known and loved. The surgeons, nurse practitioners, fellow nurses, and all the other staff are so welcoming and make coming to work every day worth it. I could not do my job without this wonderful team backing me up. I have so enjoyed having the opportunity to work here.

In the year that I have been here, I have cried with patients and been their rock. I remember one specific time when a patient was brought in after his wife had performed CPR, by herself, after his heart had stopped working effectively. He was non-responsive at the beginning of my 12-hour shift and was on the ventilator. His wife was understandably upset after saving his life and I was able to cry with her and help her through the morning. By lunchtime that day, he was no longer on the ventilator and was breathing on his own. He still did not speak or recognize his family members, but by the end of my shift, I witnessed a miracle: he was talking to his family and understood what was going on! Seeing his transformation was so heart-warming and it got even better: a couple of months later, this patient and his wife came to see me at work. Seeing him walk in the door as if nothing had happened made me burst into tears. All three of us were crying as we reminisced about the miraculous recovery he made.

I have loved helping patients reach their goals and have even had the opportunity to teach new nurses how to be the best nurses that they can be. I have been blessed to work with patients as their nurse and with other nurses as their teacher. I foresee myself being at The Christ Hospital for many years to come and cannot wait to continue my journey here.

To all the welcoming nurses who have my back every day, Happy Nurses' Week!

​Hollianne is pictured above with her husband.