Let’s Get (a) Physical! A Case for the Birthday Check-Up

Growing up and having a summer birthday really wasn’t that fun. School was out, which was awesome but that also meant that you didn’t get to see your friends very often. I didn’t have Snapchat to snap my friends all summer. In fact, sometimes I could go the entire summer without even talking to some of my school friends.  However, that all changed when I turned 16. My parents had an awesome ‘Sweet 16’ party for me and I loved it. From that moment on, I knew I was going to celebrate each and every single year that I was alive. When I turned 21, my friends, family, and I went out on the town bar-hopping in MainStrasse. When I turned 30, we hit the Banks and then OTR. Year after year, I’ve spent many birthdays celebrating life surrounded by the ones I love and the ones that love me. Birthdays are a time to celebrate life. I’ve never been one of those people that says, “OMG, I can’t believe I’m turning 30, 40, or 50, etc.” Once I turned 30, I decided I was going to take the time to look at my life and really do an evaluation of where I am, what I have going on, and if I was happy with that. I did this evaluation and found out that I was super stoked with where I was in life but one area that needed improvement was my health. 

I remember at the time; I had read an article that talked about “knowing your numbers.” Numbers? I kept reading and learned about BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol. I also read about family history and how that plays a major role in your health. Thinking about my own family history of stroke, cancer, and heart disease, I knew it was time for me to get my butt to the doctor for a physical. The doctor’s office has never been a place I get excited to visit. I was always that person that only went to the doctor when they were sick, but after talking to my Primary Care Physician, I knew that had to change.  Having a family history with some major issues, it was important that I had my blood drawn every year to check my “numbers". There’s that word again, I thought. I had the blood draw, the weigh-in, the BMI, the cholesterol numbers, and my first physical in 15 years ended up with not-so-bad results. I did need to lose some weight and I’m working on that, but after that physical, I made the promise to myself to know my numbers and schedule a physical every year. Here we are in June, and it’s my BIRTHDAY!! Woot! I’m going to the Kenny Chesney concert in Columbus to celebrate and I’ve also scheduled my physical for June 26.

I went to The Christ Hospital Medical Office Building in Mt. Auburn and had the opportunity to talk with Trish Range, CNP with The Christ Hospital Physicians - Primary Care. She went over the details of a health physical.  It's super easy and very informative.  It's also really easy to schedule.  ake the time to celebrate life and do it for yourself. Make a physical a part of your birthday celebration of life. 

Learn more about how our primary care program can help you, and find a location close to home. 

​Jennifer Fritsch is part of the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show on Q102, which airs on weekdays from 5:30-10 a.m. As a new mom to daughter Penelope, Fritsch also hosts a weekly video on the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show Facebook page. In her videos, she discusses various parenting topics using #MomChatMonday. When she isn't working, Fritsch enjoys traveling, visiting new places and of course, being a mom! Fritsch is eager to share her experiences as a new mom with Healthspirations.