Let's Talk: Meet the Doctors

You've probably heard that women make more than 80 percent of today's family healthcare decisions - according to reports by U.S. Department of Health, it's true! Men are traditionally less proactive about their health, while children and aging parents may require more and more time from the women in their lives. Who wouldn't be overwhelmed by so many healthcare decisions?

That's where we come in. As a leader in women's health, we spent time talking to groups of women to help us better understand their needs, wants and frustrations with today's healthcare.  Ease and convenience were the common themes. One focus group attendee noted "I want my healthcare to be like Amazon and all the other services in my life that are easy and convenient. And I want to know I can trust the product/quality of the service."

With that concept as our guide, a team of our physicians, nurses and staff created a special program to meet these needs.

The "Let's Talk, Ladies" program was designed by women, for women, and addresses concerns many women have throughout their lifetime. Grounded in clinical excellence, the program is led by five top female physicians from a range of specialities who care for women of all ages, to help provide a holistic view. Because these physicians are working moms with careers and families to manage, they understand the underlying issues woman face.

Let's Talk, Ladies provides women several options for access, depending on their preference:

  • Live events where women can talk to healthcare professionals and each other about real-life issues in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • For those who prefer online offerings, we've created webisodes featuring our five women physicians talking about health dilemmas facing women today. New webisodes will be added periodically about new topics. 
  • A central source of information and education with life stage tips and screening information
  • Online scheduling options for primary care and screening appointments ​so woman can easily connect. 
In the first webisode of Let's Talk, Ladies, featured above, you'll meet our five women physicians! Click Let's Talk or one of the links above to learn more about the program.