MD Insider: Meet Timothy Henry, MD

MD Insider provides a unique inside look into medical conditions and treatments to uncover ground-breaking advances that are truly transforming healthcare. The series features insight from acclaimed cardiologist, Dean Kereiakes, MD, breaking down exciting innovations and treatments available right here in the Tristate. In this episode, Dr. Kereiakes and host Clyde Gray, introduce world-renowned heart expert Timothy Henry, MD, who has recently joined The Christ Hosital medical staff. 

Clyde Gray:
Hello and welcome to MD Insider. The Christ Hospital is internationally known for leading edge cardiac procedures, innovative clinical trials and exceptional heart care. Joining me today are Drs. Dean Kereiakes and Timothy Henry from The Christ Hospital with some news on their plans to raise the level of heart care in our region.

Dr. Kereiakes:
Thank you, Clyde, it's always been my passion to bring state of the art, leading edge cardiac care to patients here in Cincinnati.  I am thrilled to announce the addition of a world-renowned expert in heart disease treatment and research, Dr. Tim Henry to The Christ Hospital and Lindner Center staff. Dr. Henry was most recently the Chief of Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Welcome, Tim. At least 10-12 million Americans suffer from coronary disease and angina pectoris (chest pains). Tell us about the exciting new treatments you've been working on and plan to bring to Cincinnati.

Dr. Henry:
Thank you Dean, I'm thrilled to join you and your team at The Christ Hospital and Lindner Center. As you know from my work in Minneapolis and L.A., I am a proponent of regionalized, comprehensive care for heart attack that improves both quality and efficiency of care. By involving emergency medical services with our multi-disciplinary heart attack team, we can treat patients better and faster. In addition, despite the latest advances in stents, coronary bypass surgery and medicines, many patients are left with chest pain that limits their lifestyles.

These patients are often told that they have no other treatment options. Through our research we have been able to provide new and unique options including stem cell therapy, gene therapy and novel devices and medications not yet available commercially. For example, one exciting device treatment is the coronary sinus occluder which is placed into the heart non-surgically by a catheter, much like a stent to increase the blood flow to the heart.

Dr. Kereiakes: It sounds like you have a portfolio of options to compliment the expertise and technology available at The Christ Hospital for coronary revascularization using either stents or bypass surgery. You have the bases covered for patients with chest pain.

Clyde: Thank you, doctors. If you or someone you know is experiencing chest pain, it's time to be evaluated by a heart specialist at The Christ Hospital.