MD Insider: Nurses Change Everything for Our Patients

Nurses are the "mortar between the bricks" for everything we do. Without highly trained and skilled nurses, none of our exceptional programs would exist.  In The Christ Hospital heart program, nurses must know and do so much. They help physicians provide the most innovative heart treatments and surgical techniques in the region, which requires the highest levels of expertise and training. Thanks to nurse leaders like Chief Nursing Officer Julie Holt, we now offer more ways for our nurses to excel personally and professionally.

We are extremely grateful to have new resources to support nursing excellence in heart care. With the help of the Farmer Family Foundation as well as Julie and Frederick Holzberger, we can now better support programs for education, professional advancement and credentialing of our heart care nurses. We help our nurses gain new knowledge and skills so they can provide the very best care possible.

We perform the highest volume and most complex cardiovascular procedures in Greater Cincinnati. Our Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, funded through a grant from the Farmer family,  has the highest patient acuity of any cardiac unit in the region. We need our nurses to be the best and brightest and we view them, as we do our heart program, to be a true community resource. By supporting their professional development, credentialing and even research activities, and many other ways, we ensure that they know they are appreciated.  

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