Mom's New Knee

It seemed like my mother struggled with knee pain for years. We always had to drop her off at the front door of the malls during shopping trips, and during vacations, we had to limit our outdoor activities if they involved walking long distances or stairs. It’s hard when your parents get older, and some of their parts and pieces don’t work the same way they always have. My mom would go to the doctor over and over again for a quick fix. A cortisone shot and some ibuprofen seemed to do the trick for a number of years, but finally, it was time for an intervention. We were walking one day at the grocery store and she started wincing in pain. I could see it in her face. She knew it and I knew it. It was time for surgery.

It’s not easy to admit that you’re not as young as you used to be and need to be “fixed” as mom put it. She went to visit her orthopedic physician and he told her that it was time to accept the fact that she needed a total knee replacement. He recommended the surgeons at The Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center since he himself could do not perform that sort of surgery.

My family and I all met at The Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center on a cold December morning for Mom’s total knee replacement. Before the surgery, I went back to Mom’s room to say hello and give her some love. Her room was awesome. Some of the coolest technology I’d ever seen. Her nurse was amazing and very reassuring to her nervous patient. I gave Mom a quick hug and kiss, and it was time for her to go back for her procedure.

I joined the rest of the family in the waiting area. The waiting area was neat because they had a screen with my Mom’s name on it that showed her surgical progress. It gave us a calm feeling knowing her progress through the video board. We knew when she was in surgery and moved to recovery through the video board. The doctor told us everything went perfectly and Mom would be settled in her room shortly. Mom’s room was in the same building where her surgery took place, just on a different floor. Her room had this beautiful view of Cincinnati and the best part was that we could park right outside the building when we were going to visit her. After surgery, my Mom’s recovery and physical therapy started right away. She liked that her physical therapy was just right down the hall from her room.

After four days, she was discharged from The Christ Hospital Spine and Joint Center and she couldn’t stop raving about the care she received while she was a patient.  After a few months of physical therapy and a few follow up doctor visits Mom’s new knee is great. We take walks, go shopping and even go on excursions during vacations.

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