New Mom, New Stresses: Finding Relief

It happened on a Friday morning around 8:15 a.m. I was sitting in the Q102 control room looked down and saw all these little hairs on my desk. What? Where did these come from? Then I realized, OMG, it's from me; it's my eyebrows. I was sitting there texting my mother about my daughter's third ear infection within two months and without even knowing it, I was pulling out my eyebrows. STRESS!!!!! Being a new mom has turned out to be way more stressful than I thought. We're moving, the baby is teething, she has an ear infection, I'm trying to work full time, be a mom full time, and a partner full time. I felt the stress of having to take care of everyone, still have a career and take care of myself. How do I manage it all? Pluck ... there goes another eyebrow hair.

To make myself feel better, I started trolling through Facebook and I saw a link to an article that Nov. 1 was Stress Awareness Day. Immediately I thought, "who needs a day to make them aware they have stress in their life? Isn't every day Stress Awareness Day?" Because I am fully aware that I have stress in my life every day, I read through all the tips on how to reduce stress in your life and it was all the typical stuff. You know: eat right, exercise, supplements, meditation, etc. Blah, who has time for all of that? I left the station and drove home, sitting in the driveway before going in and kicking off mom mode. I turned the car off, radio off, and just sat in my car, breathing. I took 10 minutes to myself and sat in complete silence, just breathing, and shockingly, it really helped me feel better. Less stressed. The next day when I got home, I did it again. The day after that, I did it again and again. Day after day, I would go home sit in the driveway and take 10 minutes to just let the day go. It got to the point where I started looking forward to my 10 minute driveway "me" time.  It's a simple, easy way to reduce the stresses in my life and take a breather just for me. It was so nice to just sit and not think. Not stress.

I don't really spend much time these days doing things that are just for me. In fact, I have this overwhelming stress that I have to be able to do it all. I'm a super woman! I don't have to ask for help because I can do it all. Why do we tell ourselves that this is the way it has to be? Why do we add that stress to our lives? It doesn't make me a bad person to ask someone for help. It doesn't make me a great person when I'm running around stressing to get it all done just to prove to myself that I can. I do become a better me when I take some time to myself. I encourage you to take a little "me" time to reduce the stress in your life. Be aware of all the things in your life that are causing you stress and realize that you can take at least 10 minutes a day just for you. A massage, a run or 10 minutes in your driveway. You'll be surprised by how much your stress level can be reduced with just a little bit of "me" time. It helped me get my eyebrows back. :) 

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​Jennifer Fritsch is part of the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show on Q102, which airs on weekdays from 5:30-10 a.m. As a new mom to daughter Penelope, Fritsch also hosts a weekly video on the Jeff and Jenn Morning Show Facebook page. In her videos, she discusses various parenting topics using #MomChatMonday. When she isn't working, Fritsch enjoys traveling, visiting new places and of course, being a mom! Fritsch is eager to share her experiences as a new mom with Healthspirations