Revolutionary Heart Procedure Performed First at The Christ Hospital

Breakthrough research conducted at our Lindner Research Center is making heart valve replacement without open heart surgery available to patients who would otherwise not be candidates for this revolutionary procedure. In early April, we were the first facility in the country to perform this innovative procedure on a low surgical risk patient. 

In the past only elderly patients considered to be at high risk for open heart surgery were eligible for a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a highly-effective catheter-based valve replacement procedure that our physicians have pioneered.

ow, research conducted by our cardiovascular experts has opened TAVR to a new and broader group of patients, those considered to be at low risk for open heart surgery. We are the only facility in the region and one of few programs in the country to offer this revolutionary heart procedure to lower-risk surgical candidates. 

“Based on our leading edge research on heart valve treatment, local patients can benefit from this new procedure and be treated long before it becomes available for general use at other local hospitals,” Dean Kereiakes, M.D, medical director of The Christ Hospital Heart and Vascular Center and The Lindner Research Center at The Christ Hospital, said. “Research performed at The Christ Hospital will hopefully make this life-saving, minimally invasive technology an option for all heart patients.”

In 2011, we were the first local hospital to perform TAVR and remains the only program to offer this leading edge valve technology to a broader group of heart valve patients. The Lindner Research Center has been one of a select number of research sites in the country chosen to evaluate new heart valve technologies that have transformed valvular disease therapy. As a result, 500 local patients lives have been improved using TAVR.

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