Talking Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Dr. Beutel

In November, I did a blog post regarding carpal tunnel syndrome.  I highly recommend reading the blog for a full background on my carpal tunnel syndrome journey. Recently, I went to The Christ Hospital Health Network and had the EMG. It was a very interesting experience. To make a long story short, they hooked me up to lots of wires and sent little currents through the wires to test my nerves and how they were responding.  Dr. Johns did my EMG and told me that I had some moderate-to-severe carpal tunnel syndrome readings, but Dr. Bryan Beutel would have the final answers. A week later, I did my follow up with Dr. Beutel to find out my results. 

Dr. Beutel took the time to explain my moderate-to-severe results and what that meant for my future with the numbness in my arm. He said that there are several different ways to help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, including wearing a brace, although, I have been doing that for more than a year and nothing seemed to change. He also said we could try some injections into the nerves surrounding the carpal tunnel. The last option he recommended was having the carpal tunnel surgery. Through discussion with Dr. Beutel and review of my test results, I decided that the carpal tunnel surgery is the best option for me. I am having the surgery toward the end of January with Dr. Beutel.

I took the time to sit down with Dr. Beutel to talk more about carpal tunnel syndrome and to get some of the facts, as you'll see in this video. I encourage you watch it to learn more! If you think you might have carpal tunnel syndrome or are experiencing numbness in your hands or arms, give Dr. Beutel a call. Finding a solution is important to your overall health.

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