[unscripted]: Rosemarie Lasita's Story

In the 12th episode of [unscripted], Rosemarie Lasita shares about dealing with 12 years of back pain due to spinal stenosis and how she got a new lease on life at age 92.

This is Rosemarie's story, in her own words ... unscripted

The early years

Rosemarie: I grew up not far from here, in Corryville.

Her daughter: And you had three wonderful children.

Rosemarie: I grew up and got married in 1948.

Her daughter: They were married sixty-something years.

Rosemarie: 62 years when he passed away. This year, it'll be 69.

Interviewer: Was it love at first sight?

Rosemarie: Well, no. Not really. Not really.

Interviewer: That's the second time we heard that. The guy said yes, and she said no.

Rosemarie: He was three years older than me, and we had a wonderful marriage.

Back pain enters the scene

Rosemarie: Then I started with my back hurting about 12 years ago. I had to go for a MRI and they said I should see a spinal doctor.

Her daughter: They said she had spinal stenosis. She would get series of injections, epidural injections, and the only relief she would really get would be for two or three days. Then they told us that, of course because of her age, because she's 92, there was nothing that they could do for her. There was no quality of life at all.

Rosemarie: So then I was to the point I was in so much pain, I just thought the good Lord should take me. I couldn't live like that anymore.

So my daughter called The Christ Hospital spinal and made an appointment, and I came here.

Her daughter: We came to Christ. Made an appointment with an orthopedist here and he said, "You need to see Dr. Monir Tabbosha. He's going to be the answer for you." So we went there and she told him that she would rather be gone than live with this pain. She couldn't endure it anymore. The morning of surgery he came in and said, "You want to do this?" And she said, "I'm ready for the big show." And had surgery.

A new lease on life

Rosemarie: I have no pain at all. It's all gone. There weren't words that I could express what he did for me. And he was so sweet. He just gave me the courage to go on.

Her daughter: She's back to better than she was 10 years ago.

Rosemarie: I'm just doing great. I'm at the nursing home, but there's activities there that I go to.

Her daughter: I'll say, "Mom I'm coming up to visit" and she'll say, "Oh I'm not gonna be here." Okay. It's not easy. It's not an easy journey at all because you become the caregiver. And that's a hard role. But now I'm the daughter again. She's got a bunch of grandkids, and eight great-grandkids. And she's involved with all of them. None of that was possible a year ago this time.

Rosemarie: I told my great-grandchildren, I have to live for them because I want to see them get big. And they are. One's 16 already. And we've got a new baby, eight months. So those are my great-grandchildren. I'm very happy that I'm with them.

Her daughter: At 92, you just don't think that there's still a whole new lease on life, and she definitely has it.

Rosemarie: I'm really blessed.

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