What I Learned from Getting a Physical

If my journey to get healthy and lose weight allowed me access to a time machine, there are a few things I would do differently. I would take a ton of before pictures and progress pictures. I would take my initial measurements, and progress measurements. And I would have tracked my health better by getting a physical and blood workup just to see exactly where I was with my health. 

I do regret not doing those things at the beginning of my journey, but better late than never! I try to take progress photos as often as I can, I track my measurements, and I just got my first physical and blood test. I saw Dr. Brennan Lawall from The Christ Hospital Physicians – Primary Care. So yeah, I’m a grown up now and have a primary care physician! And everyone at Dr. Lawall’s office was awesome. So friendly and willing to answer all of my questions. And everything was so fast, no waiting in line to get into the doctor or to get my blood test. 

Not only was I excited to see my results, I actually got them back within 24 hours too! And with everything being on MyChart, I got to read them right away. So quick and convenient! Points for The Christ Hospital Health Network!

I asked to have my cholesterol and thyroid checked, plus a pre-diabetes screening. I felt like I’d do pretty well on the cholesterol with my healthy diet, and I was correct. But, having struggling with obesity for most of my life, I didn’t know if my thyroid was to blame. You hear of that being an issue for a lot of people … was I one of them? Turns out no, my thyroid looked great! More good news! And with the diabetes test, my doctor said he felt I’d be good, but years of unhealthy habits and obesity may have had a toll. But again, more good news – everything looked great! 

I know that if I would have had this done 6+ years ago, my results would have been very different. That’s why I wish I would have had it checked. What a great way to track just how much you can change your own body … not only externally, but internally. And it’s so incredibly easy, I had no real excuse. I got an appointment the very next day after calling looking for a new primary care physician. Not only that, but everything was free under my insurance because it’s all considered preventative. 

And I learned some new things about myself. I learned that I have low blood pressure, which is good, but it’s a level of low that my doctor asked if I got dizzy or lightheaded when standing up suddenly. I do! Well, that’s from my blood pressure levels. I had no idea! So it was recommended that I stay hydrated to help this issue, and if it ever becomes a problem we can move forward with addressing it. Again, the convenience of The Christ Hospital Health Network makes it easy!

If I could offer any advice to you if you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, please get checked for yourself. You’ll learn a lot, and like I said, it’s a great resource to track your progress. I always felt I’d get bad news, so I’d avoid it. But if it’s bad news, that’s when you need help the most! Knowledge is power, and you only get one body to live in – take care of it! Speaking from experience, it’s so worth it. 

Looking for a primary care physician like Dr. Lawall to help you with weight loss or other healthy living considerations? Schedule an appointment online at a location near you! 

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