The Christ Hospital Breast Cancer Dream Team

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we believe breast cancer care requires a team approach with you at the center of that team. And in your corner are the many cancer experts working tirelessly to help you in your fight to beat cancer.

This October, we are especially proud to honor a group of those experts who have dedicated their lives to supporting, educating, and healing our cancer patients. 

Meet the leading ladies of The Christ Hospital's breast cancer-fighting dream team! Because nothing is more powerful than women fighting for women. 

Gina G. Chung, MDMedical Oncology
Natalie B. Geier, MDRadiation Oncology
Jennifer B. Manders, MDSurgery, General
Cornelia M. McCluskey, MDRadiation Oncology
Kelly M. McLean, MDSurgery, General
Julie L. Specht, MDMedical Oncology