​August 5, 2021

Team Member COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Our mission at The Christ Hospital Health Network is to improve the health of our community, which means it is our duty to act when our region’s health is in jeopardy. To fulfill this duty, we must continue leading the way in our commitment to the utmost safety of all who enter our doors – including patients, visitors and team members.  


It is with this in mind, and in consultation with our medical staff leadership, that we are now requiring our team members (employees, physicians, students, volunteers and contractors) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  


In addition to saving lives, vaccination against COVID-19 will maintain the long-term ability of our healthcare system to respond to the pandemic, to safely care for patients by protecting them from infection, and to reduce the spread of the virus within healthcare facilities and among patients, hospital personnel, and their families and friends.  


Here’s some additional information we want our team members, patients and the community to know:   

  • The development of COVID-19 vaccines at such a rapid pace is a remarkable feat of science. The vaccines that have been approved by the FDA under emergency use authorization have been rigorously tested, and the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines are extraordinary. The extensive data gathered from around the world prove that the vaccines work -- they save lives and significantly reduce serious illness and hospitalization. Learn more about the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

  • Unfortunately, large segments of the population remain unvaccinated and continue to be at high risk of acquiring and transmitting COVID-19At the same time, the emergence of COVID-19 variants, including the Delta variant that has become the dominant strain in many parts of the world, continue to fuel a resurgence of the virus because of high rates of unvaccinated people.  

  • Low vaccination rates endanger not only the unvaccinated, which includes children under 12 years old and individuals who are immunocompromised, but invites continued mutations of even more dangerous strains of the virus to develop, putting the health of our communities at continued serious risk.  

  • According to the CDC, about 99% of recent infections have occurred in unvaccinated individuals. The nation’s seven-day case average is just over 89,000, as of Aug. 5, a dramatic increase from the previous week’s average. 

  • Nationally, the current seven-day hospitalization average is almost 43,000, for the period of July 27 - Aug. 2, a 45.1% increase from the previous week.  

  • We, and most hospitals across the country, have required vaccination against seasonal flu and other contagious diseases for many years. As with previous vaccine requirements, we will make accommodations for team members who have valid exemptions (such as medical or religious) from the COVID-19 vaccine.  

How patients and community members can get their vaccine

We also continue to encourage patients, community members and visitors who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine to help us end the pandemic and protect those around them by scheduling theirs nowVaccines are widely available throughout the Tristate area including some Christ Hospital Health Network locations. Please don’t hesitate to speak to your healthcare provider if you still have questions or would like to learn more about the vaccine. 

Don't delay care

Additionallywe encourage everyone not to delay receiving care when it is neededWe continue to have the strictest infection control measures in place at all of our facilities, with oversight by infection prevention specialists who review all processes to ensure the highest level of safety.