Mask and Face Covering Guidelines 

Updated November 15, 2022

We are updating our mask-wearing requirements and guidelines as COVID-19 transmission rates improve in the community. Masking will continue to be mandatory in areas where our most vulnerable patients are seeking treatment, including most inpatient hospital units. 

Signs will be posted at the entrances of areas where masks are required along with mask dispensers. Areas with mandatory mask requirements include:

  • Emergency Rooms

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Cancer Center

  • Oncology Infusion Centers

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Inpatient Radiology

  • Same Day Surgery

  • Endoscopy

  • Cath Lab / EP

  • Patient Units*

Masking will be voluntary in all public locations, waiting rooms, meeting spaces, physician offices, and outpatient service locations not listed above. If you are experiencing symptoms of the flu or COVID-19, you may be asked to wear a mask to prevent the spread of illness to others.

* Masking optional in these limited patient units on our main campus:  2 West, 3 West, 6 West, 8 South, 8 West, 9 South, 9 West.

Our greatest concern is for the health and safety of our patients. We rely on the partnership of our visitors, staff and other patients to help ensure their safety. We will continue to evaluate any new information presented by the CDC and other scientific sources and will make changes to the policy when appropriate.