Our safe restart of elective surgeries, visits and screenings

Thanks to all of you, our community is getting through this crisis. You've sacrificed – helping others, staying home, putting off your healthcare needs. Now it's your turn to put yourself first and continue any care you may have had to put on hold.  

Following Gov. DeWine and Gov. Beshear's Safe Restart Plans, we're:

  • Resuming scheduling all surgeries and procedures. Our providers have begun calling patients who had previously been scheduled for a surgery or procedure to reassess their healthcare needs.

  • Opening our physician offices for more in-person visits, in addition to continuing video visits and e-visits, so you can receive the care you need. 

  • Rescheduling screenings, testing and therapy services that had previously been on hold.

As always, your safety is our number one priority. We've spent the past several weeks preparing for the full return of patients - ensuring we have sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE); isolating our COVID-19 patients to designated areas and care teams; and implementing additional cleaning measures to ensure the safety of our patients. Our staff is excited to welcome our patients back to an environment that provides the highest level of protection and safety from COVID -19.

For more information about what our safe restart looks like, reference the FAQs below. If you need further information, please call your provider's office, or if you're a new patient in need of a physician, call our new patient scheduling line at 513-585-3000.

Our most sincere thanks to our patients and the community for your continued support and for entrusting us with your healthcare needs.


In this video and the FAQs below, we hope to answer your questions about the safe restart of our services. If you have additional questions, please call our patient and guest services at 513-585-1200. 

Dr. Michael Jennings, President of The Christ Hospital Physicians, answers some of your questions about the restart of services.
Please note that Dr. Jennings removed his mask for this video shoot only. He was in an isolated location, more than 10 feet away from our videographer.

Ambulatory And Surgical Procedures:

How will I know if my postponed procedure can be rescheduled at this time?

Our providers have begun calling patients who had previously been scheduled for a surgery or procedure to reassess their healthcare needs. Together, providers and patients will come to a joint decision about moving forward with the procedure or continuing to postpone.

Will I need to complete my pre-surgery testing again?

For your safety, if it has been more than 30 days since your procedure was postponed, you will need to have your pre-surgery history and physical and laboratory testing redone. You will also be tested for COVID-19; patients who test positive for COVID-19 will be referred to their physician to discuss their care and next steps. When our care team contacts you to reschedule your procedure, they will make arrangements for your testing.

Will prior-authorization with my insurance provider need to be resubmitted – even if it had been completed previously? 

If your procedure was prior-authorized before being postponed due to COVID-19, most insurance providers will only require that we update the date of your scheduled procedure. If the prior-authorization was started but not completed, insurance providers are working with us to finish the prior-authorization versus starting over.

Where will my procedure take place?

At this time, all surgical cases will be conducted on our main campus in Mt. Auburn. Isolating surgeries to one location will help us conserve PPE.

What if I need an elective procedure but it had not been previously scheduled?

Our first priority will be re-scheduling patients who had their elective procedures postponed. However, please do not hesitate to call your provider to discuss your particular circumstances. If you don't have a Christ Hospital provider, please call our new patient scheduling line at 513-585-3000.

What if I have an urgent surgical need?

We will continue to provide urgent surgical care, as we have throughout the crisis. As a reminder, it's imperative that patients continue to seek care when medical attention is needed, especially those with pre-existing or chronic conditions.

Other Services: 

What other services will now be available, that had previously been on hold or postponed?  

We have resumed offering the following services that had previously been on hold or postponed:

  • Screening mammograms | 513-585-2668

  • Lung screenings | 513-585-0690

  • Vascular screenings | 513-585-2668

  • Outpatient physical & occupational therapy  | 513-557-4969

  • Sleep studies - on a limited basis | 513-585-0988

  • Cardiac Rehab | 513-585-0441

Schedulers have begun contacting patients whose appointments had been postponed. If you're a new patient needing this care, please call the appropriate phone number listed above.  

Should I continue to use telehealth with my provider, or schedule an in-office visit?

Telehealth – including video visits, e-visits, and telephone visits – is still available for all participating providers; however, providers are now beginning to schedule many visits in-office again. Call your provider's office for guidance on the most appropriate way to receive care. If you're a new patient in need of a physician, please call our new patient scheduling line at 513-585-3000.

General Questions: 

Will visitor restrictions still be in place after normal operations have resumed?

Yes, for the time-being, out of an abundance of care and caution, visitor restrictions will continue to be in place for the hospital and our outpatient and physician office locations. Complete details are available on our visitor restrictions page.

How is The Christ Hospital ensuring the safety of patients and staff?

We continue to have the strictest infection control measures in place, with oversight by infection prevention specialists who review all processes to ensure the highest level of safety.

  • We are limiting the number of visitors in our facilities.

  • We are requiring all patients and visitors to wear face coverings. (Please bring a mask or face covering with you to your appointment or visit. Read more about face coverings guidelines.)

  • All staff are required to wear appropriate PPE (ranging from masks – the minimum requirement – to face shields, gowns, shoe coverings and even full body coverings in certain areas).  

  • We are conducting regular screenings for staff, patients and visitors.

  • We are isolating our COVID-19 patients to designated areas and care teams. These patients are cared for in negative pressure rooms, which prevent air from escaping from the room.

  • We are testing surgical patients for COVID-19 prior to scheduling their procedure.

  • We have enhanced cleaning measures to ensure the safety of our patients.

The Christ Hospital has been recognized for our dedication to patient safety by being awarded an "A" grade for 10 straight quarters by Leapfrog Safety Grades, which rates how well hospitals protect patients from preventable medical errors, injuries and infections within the hospital.

Should I delay getting care until the pandemic is over?

It's important that you continue to seek care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not getting care, particularly for chronic illnesses and urgent or emergency conditions, puts people at high risk for complications later. In particular, doctors recommend calling 911 or going straight to the ER for any of these red-flag symptoms: acute chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, weakness, difficulty speaking, changes in vision, acute headache or abdominal pain that's severe or does not resolve in a few hours.

Click for more details on how to access care during COVID-19.