​Staying physically and mentally healthy during this time

While health advice, whether about eating a balanced diet, exercising daily or getting enough sleep, is the same now as it was prior to the current situation, it's especially important during these times of uncertainty to pay closer attention to that advice.

During a pandemic like COVID-19, these actions are especially crucial for maintaining you physical and mental well-being. But social distancing complicates things - eating right when you're living on mostly non-perishable foods or working out when you're stuck at home can make it seem impossible to establish a healthy routine. 

We've compiled some helpful tips, recipes and exercise routines that can help you stay healthy and well during this unique time of physical isolation. 

Protect yourself

  • Stay home as much as possible

  • Call or Facetime friends

  • Create a daily routine that’s as close to your normal schedule as possible

  • Get outside for Vitamin D and fresh air, while staying six feet from others

  • Spread positivity and comforting words on social media

  • Give yourself comic relief watching funny movies or sitcoms

  • Eat healthy meals, heavy on both vegetables and fruit

  • Take short breaks from the news and social media

  • Do daily workouts indoors or outside near your home

  • Make time to unwind – consider taking a long bath or meditating

Protect and help your community

Donate blood for community members in dire need

  • Check in on elderly neighbors and loved ones or those with health conditions

  • Donate to service industry workers, or friends/family whose jobs have been affected

  • Volunteer or donate to Meals on Wheels of Southwest OH and Northern KY

  • Send a card to someone who needs encouragement – nursing home residents, healthcare workers, patients in the hospital, police or fire workers and grocery store workers

  • Get takeout or delivery from your favorite restaurant

  • Send encouraging texts to friends and family members who work in healthcare