Visitor Restrictions During COVID-19

Updated April 30, 2021

Over the past several weeks, hospitals in our community and across the state have continued to see an increase in the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Data suggests that hospitals should expect additional increases in hospitalizations over the next several weeks if the spread does not slow. Therefore, we have implemented the following visitor restrictions. 

While healthcare-related COVID-19 transmission is extremely low, out of an abundance of caution, and to protect your loved ones and our team members, we are limiting exposure to anyone not directly involved in the patient’s care. 

Just as we’ve adapted in real-time to implement these restrictions, the same will be done when it seems safe and reasonable to lift them. We thank you in advance for your support throughout this pandemic and, as always, encourage you to continue seeking care whenever you need it. Learn more about how to access care during COVID-19. If you have any questions, please contact your provider for more details. 

General Visitor Policy

  1. All visitors will be screened prior to entering the hospital.

  2. Visitors must be 16 years or older.

  3. Visitor badges must be visible at all times.

  4. All visitors must wear masks (this includes while being in the patient's room).

  5. Patients diagnosed with COVID19 are not permitted to have visitors. Exception: For extenuating circumstances and in end of life situations.

  6. Exceptions for non-COVID patients should be determined by Clinical Manager and/or Clinical Supervisor.

  7. Visitors must remain in the patient's room the entire time.

  8. Visitors should adhere to social distancing with the patient while in the room.

  9. Visiting hours are now expanded to 24/7

  10. Inpatients are now able to have two visitors throughout the day.

  11. Inpatients will now be able to have one clergy visitor throughout the day. Clergy are required to follow the same screening process and visiting hours as other visitors.

  12. Visitors should check in at the nurses station when arriving to the unit. 

  13. Patients who have just delivered a baby will continue to be able to have one support person stay with them overnight.  

  14. Please check with the nursing unit or your provider for any exceptions.

The care team is able to facilitate video visits for visitors unable to visit in person and will provide family members regular updates on their patients’ care. 


Flowers will be able to be delivered to inpatients (except for ICU patients) Monday-Saturday from 9am-3pm. Florists must deliver flowers to the Heart Center Level C screening station and will not be allowed further into the hospital. Please note: if a patient is discharged or unable to receive flowers for any reasons, the flowers will be sent back with the florist.

Emergency Department 

  • No visitors will be allowed. Visitors will be asked to wait in their cars. 

  • If a patient is being admitted, one visitor will be allowed to accompany the patient for 60 minutes. Inpatient guidelines then apply.

Same-Day Surgery/Cath Lab/Electrophysiology/Interventional Radiology 

  • A single visitor may wait in the waiting room if space allows for social distancing. Otherwise, visitors will be asked to wait in their car. This applies to inpatients having a procedure (e.g. cath). 

  • A single visitor will be allowed in with the patient for discharge instructions. 

  • If a patient is being admitted, one visitor will be allowed to accompany the patient for 60 minutes. Inpatient guidelines then apply.

Cancer Center 

  • No visitors will be allowed. Visitors will be asked to wait in their cars. 

Outpatient Diagnostic Testing

  • Visitors will be asked to wait in their cars unless the patient has specific circumstances requiring a visitor to be with the patient.

  • If one caregiver is necessary, that caregiver may be taken to the treatment room with the patient or asked to return to the waiting room.

Retail Pharmacy 

  • Patients are still able to pick up their prescriptions from our retail pharmacy on our main campus (access is available via the P1 Skybridge).

The Christ Hospital Physicians 

  • We are now allowing one visitor to come back with patients in our TCHP offices. In addition, in the offices we are no longer doing temperature screening for patients but will continue to do so for office employees.

  • Patients will be required to wear masks for their appointments. If a patient is not willing to wear a mask, we will offer alternative appointment types such as video visits, telephone visits or e-visits if the physician feels they are appropriate. (Masks for children under two are not required.) 

  • Escorts will not be permitted to attend the visits unless approved by the physician for special circumstances such as surgical treatment plan, memory care or other special circumstances. If escorting is required to help the patient into the office, the escort should return to the car immediately upon assisting the patient to the office.

  • One parent or guardian may attend office visits for infants and children.

  • Masks for children under two are not required.

  • All patients will be asked to wait in their car until the office calls for them to enter the office. Patients should contact the office upon arriving at the parking area. The office will notify you when you should come in for your appointment. 

  • Patients receiving cancer treatments in the outpatient setting will not be allowed to have visitors accompany them during their treatment. 

  • Patients who would like to convert their in-person appointment to virtual should contact the office. Every opportunity to provide alternative visit types will be attempted based upon the patients’ needs

  • Obstetrical patients having an ultrasound may bring one support person. Check with your provider for more details. 

  • Any patient with whom there is a reasonable expectation of discussing induction of labor, surgery, or other unexpected findings may be allowed 1 support person during a critical conversation. 

Maintaining safety during the COVID-19 pandemic is our top priority. We realize these protocols can be inconvenient, but they are necessary to ensure the safety of the community and the patients we serve.

If you have any questions during regular business hours, please contact your provider, or call Patient & Guest services at 513-585-1200. After hours, please call 513-585-2000.

Mask and Face Covering Guidelines 

Patients and visitors are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entry to all Christ Hospital Health Network facilities, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Find full details on our face coverings guidelines page. 

MyChart Bedside

The MyChart Bedside team has added the FaceTime app to all tablets and iPads due to current visitor restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The feature is helping patients stay connected to their families and can even serve as an alternative care option for some departments to visit inpatients virtually, helping to slow the spread of coronavirus by allowing for social distancing.