Our MyChart Price Estimator Tool 

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we know that understanding your healthcare costs is an important part of your healthcare decisions. That's why we've made it easy for you to estimate the cost of some of the medical services you receive within The Christ Hospital Health Network. Our MyChart Price Estimator Tool provides individualized estimates for 300 services, such as imaging, laboratory tests and certain medical and surgical services. 

How to Get Started

There are two ways to access the tool. 

If you have a Christ Hospital MyChart account, log in and access Billing, then Estimates from the menu.

For those without a Christ Hospital MyChart account, you can access the price estimator tool as a Guest.

  • For the most accurate estimate, have the following information ready:  

    • Service description and/or

    • CPT code (numerical code used to identify medical services and procedures)

    • Health insurance information

Other Ways to Estimate Your Healthcare Costs

You can view our price lists or contact us for an estimate. To request a cost estimate by email or phone:

Important Notes About Your Price Estimate 

An estimate provided by our financial counselors or one provided through our MyChart Price Estimator Tool is just an estimate – actual costs of care may vary. Final billed charges may vary from an estimate for many reasons including, but not limited to the patient's medical condition; unknown circumstances, complications, or findings; final diagnosis, and recommended treatment, devices, supplies, and/or services ordered by a provider. An estimate does not guarantee coverage by any particular insurer or medical plan. Additionally, services provided by physicians and other providers not employed by The Christ Hospital Health Network may be billed separately and are not included in any estimate provided. These services may include anesthesia, pathology, newborn pediatric care and interpreting imaging services, if applicable.

Help Paying for Your Healthcare

In addition to the resources above, and in accordance with our mission, we also provide discounted – or in some instances, free – care to those patients who qualify for financial assistance based on need.

If you need help paying for your healthcare at The Christ Hospital Health Network, contact a financial counselor as soon as you can. Even before you receive care. We can help you understand:

  • Medicaid eligibility

  • Financial assistance programs

  • Self-pay discounts

  • Payment plans, including pre-payment options

You can also call or email a financial counselor for more information. Financial counselors are available weekdays, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.