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The Christ Hospital Physicians - Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine 


Additional Active Medical Staff Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Physicians


OutPatient Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The Christ Hospital Physicians – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Additional Active Medical Staff Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians

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The Christ Hospital Physicians - Rheumatology


Additional Active Medical Staff Rheumatology Physicians

Courtesy and Community Affiliate Physicians

Courtesy and Community Affiliate Surgeons

  • Ferhan A. Asghar, MD
  • James D. Baker, MD
  • Matthew L. Busam, MD
  • Paul J. Favorito, MD
  • Nicholas T. Gates, MD
  • Raymond M. Greiwe, MD
  • Matthew S. Grunkemeyer, MD
  • Robert S. Heidt, Jr, MD
  • Forest T. Heis, MD
  • Matthew T. Hummel, MD
  • Theodore T. Le, MD
  • James R. Leonard, MD
  • Suresh Nayak, MD
  • Robert C. Rhoad, MD
  • Vincent J. Sammarco, MD

Courtesy and Community Affiliate Rheumatologists 

  • Yolanda D. Farhey, MD
  • John B. Houk, MD
  • Michael E. Luggen, MD
  • Emily Muntel, MD
  • Avis E. Ware, MD