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Fiscal Year 2014 Program Information

Inpatient Rehabilitation Results

Diagnosis​Number of Persons Served
​Percent of Total Persons Served
Lower Limb Amputation​163%​
​Brain Injury
​Neurologic Disorders
​Major Trauma
​Orthopaedic Disorders
​Joint Replacement
​Pulmonary Disorders
​Spinal Cord Disorders
​Other Conditions
Total Persons Served


2013-2014 Discharge Destination and Average Length of Stay

​Discharge Information
​Percent Discharged to Home/Community
​Average Length of Stay (Days)
​Brain Injury
​Spinal Cord Disorders
​Orthopaedic Disorders
​Neurologica Disorders
​Other Conditions
​All Patients

Stroke Specific Results

​Diagnosis​Number of Patients Served
​Percent of Total Population
​Percent Discharged to Home
​Percent Discharged to Acute Care
​Percent Discharged to a Skilled Nursing Facility
​Average Length of Stay (Days)

Functional Outcomes Measurement

​Diagnosis​Average Admission Score
​Level of Assistance
​Average Discharge Score
​Level of Assistance
​Score 90 Days Post Discharge
​Level of Assistance
​Upper Body Dressing
​3.56​Moderage Assistance
​5.22​Supervision​6.4​Modified Indepedent to Independent
​Lower Body Dressing
​2.58​Maximal Assistance
​4.28​Minimal Assistance
​6.4Modified Indepedent to Independent
​Bladder Management
​3.12​Moderate Assistance
​3.87​Minimal Assistance
​7.0Modified Indepedent to Independent
​Toilet Transfers
​2.57​Maximal Assistance
​4.42Minimal Assistance​6.0Modified Indepedent

​Maximal Assistance
​4.29Minimal Assistance​6.0Modified Indepedent
​Problem Solving
​3.43​Moderate Assistance
​4.68Minimal Assistance​6.6​Supervision to Modified Independent
​Overall Gain
​24.1*Modified Independent Level indicates that patient may use an assistive device to complete task. Please note that Level of Assistance is reported based on average of all patients served​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Many factors will influence the length of stay, including severity of injury, previous health status and medical complications. The Christ Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit admissions team will serve as a resource, suggesting alternative placement when referred patients do not qualify for our program. The Rehabilitation team will work with the patient and their family to help determine the best environment based on individual needs at the time of discharge.