Cancer Related Fatigue

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​What is Cancer Related Fatigue?

When diagnosed with different types of cancer, often times patients have a decrease in their muscle mass, decrease in strength, anemia, pain, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and much more.  It is very essential to exercise before, potentially during, and after your cancer treatment.  It allows you to become stronger both physically and mentally.  Working with a physical therapist can help get you back to exercising and a healthy lifestyle.  Our SOAR (Shaping Outcomes through Activity & Rehab) program is offered for cancer related fatigue patients.


What is SOAR?

Our SOAR patients work directly with physical therapists to complete an individualized supervised fitness program.  During your program, you'll work on improving strength and cardiovascular function, tolerance for activities of daily living, enhance overall quality of life, and decrease anxiety and depression.


Who would benefit from SOAR?

Anyone who suffers from persistent physical tiredness or exhaustion related to cancer treatments resulting in limitations such as difficulty dressing, climbing stairs, walking or getting up from a chair.


How can we help?

The Christ Hospital Cancer Center and Physical Therapy Department offer FREE screenings to assess your strength/stamina and to discuss ways to decrease your fatigue.  If you qualify for the SOAR program, a licensed physical therapist will perform a complete evaluation in order to determine your needs.  Once completed, an individual exercise program will be designed just for you.  It may include aerobix exercises, strength training and balance activities, as well as a home exercise program.