Executive Health

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As an executive, your time is at a premium. Because of long work hours and an

already demanding schedule, having enough time in the day to manage your

own needs can seem impossible. Yet, it’s important to make time to care for

yourself, because one of the most valuable assets you have is your own health.

We understand your challenges and have created a personal health and

wellness day tailored to meet your unique needs. For your convenience,

we have combined world-class medical and wellness services to bring you

the most comprehensive, streamlined and customized health and wellness

services with minimal waiting.

As Greater Cincinnati’s Most Preferred healthcare provider, our services include

a full spectrum of clinical programs, screenings, educational programs and

technologies aimed at improving the health of our community. By using stateof-

the-art medical diagnostic technology, along with personal consultations

and recommendations, we can help you reduce health risk factors and improve

your life.

Taking the next steps in achieving your personal health goals will not only

benefit the overall health of your organization, but it will undoubtedly have

lasting benefits for you. Whether you’re ready to take that step or simply need

more information, we encourage you to review this brochure. Our Executive

Health Program professionals are available to answer any questions you

may have and look forward to assisting you in making this a beneficial and

worthwhile experience.

For more information, call 513-263-8699.