High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic serving Greater Cincinnati

The High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic provides genetic risk-evaluation as well as advanced screening and imaging for individuals at increased risk for cancer due to risk factors such as early cancer diagnosis, significant family history of cancer, personal history of rare cancers to name a few (see full list below).  Our multidisciplinary team of genetic counselors, advanced practice providers and physicians work together to provide individualized evaluation, genetic counseling/testing, imaging, cancer screening and prevention programs for people who are concerned about their personal and family history of cancer.

Who is considered high risk?

If you have a personal history of any of the following:

  • Cancer diagnosed at age 45 or younger

  • Triple negative or bilateral breast cancer

  • Multiple primary tumors

  • Patients with a male relative that had breast cancer

  • Previous breast biopsy with atypical cells or LCIS

  • Previous history of chest wall radiation for lymphoma

  • Rare cancer (especially ovarian cancer, male breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, metastatic prostate cancer)

Or if you have a family history of any of the above mentioned cancers and/or the following:

  • Three or more individuals with cancer on one side of the family

  • Multiple generations affected with cancer (i.e. grandparents, parents, siblings)

  • Known gene mutation in the family (such as BRCA1 mutation)

  • Ancestry with known founder mutations (such as Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Benefits of clinic

  • Individualized risk assessment and management plans focused on prevention, early detection, prophylaxis, and treatment if necessary 

  • Personalized screening plans with coordination of recommended advanced imaging

  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling for risk reduction - focused on diet, weight loss, and exercise

  • Multidisciplinary team of Genetic Counselors, Advanced Practice Providers, Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists - specialized in cancer prevention, detection and treatment 

Clinic info 

Location and Contact Info

2123 Auburn Ave., Suite 200, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone Number – 513-585-3275

E-mail address – genetics@thechristhospital.com 

Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Your care team

Our multidisciplinary team of genetic counselors, advanced practice providers and physicians are here to help you understand your genetic risk factors for cancer, plan lifestyle changes to lower your risk and help you live a healthier lifestyle. Our team includes:

Clinic Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (APP)

The physicians and APPs will work with you to provide a breast cancer risk assessment based on your personal and family risk factors and create an individualized care management plan.

Tiffany R. Kocher, APRN

Surgery, General
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Elizabeth M. Lim, PA-C

Surgery, General
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Jennifer B. Manders, MD

Surgery, General
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Kelly M. McLean, MD

Surgery, General
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Sandra L. Miller, MD

Surgery, General
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Genetic Counselors

Genetic Counselors will work with you to determine your risk of having an inherited predisposition to develop cancer, will discuss benefits and limitations to genetic testing, and will help you determine if genetic testing is right for you. 

Social worker

Jana Basil, MS, LGC

Jana received her Bachelor’s degree from Elon University and her Master’s in Medical Genetics from the University of Cincinnati. She has extensive experience in genetic counseling specializing in herediatary cancer, cytogenetics and general pediatrics. She is very excited to lead the genetics counseling program at The Christ Hospital. Jana enjoys spending time with her two adorable kids, dog and husband. She grew up in Utah and fell in love with outdoor activities including skiing, hiking and camping. She also enjoys reading, running, cooking and baking recipes from her “Great British Baking Show” Cook Book.

Bryana Rivers, a genetic counselor at The Christ Hospital

Bryana Rivers, MS, LGC

Bryana received her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Maryland and her Master’s degree in Medical Genetics from the University of Cincinnati. Bryana grew up outside of Washington DC. She absolutely loves going to the theatre and seeing plays and musicals. She also enjoys visiting museums, playing volleyball and spending time with friends. Bryana first became interested in cardiovascular genetics when she worked as a genetic counselor assistant for a program in Baltimore, MD that specializes in inherited heart conditions. During her graduate training, she was afforded the opportunity to expand upon her interests, and at The Christ Hospital, she will be specializing in both cardiovascular and cancer genetics.

Find out more about genetic counseling

Many health conditions are hereditary, not just cancer. Visit our genetic counseling page to find out more about these conditions, what a genetic counseling appointment looks like and other important information to know as you consider taking this next step for your health and the health of your family.