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At The Christ Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine unit, we practice team-oriented patient care. Our goal is to provide you with excellent healthcare with minimal disruption to you, your family, or your life.

Our inpatient unit is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health to provide psychiatric crisis stabilization for adult and senior adult patients. The program features a multi-disciplinary team of attending psychiatrists, registered nurses, patient care assistants, therapists, and social workers. We believe that by working together, in cooperation with you and your family, we can provide the care needed to stabilize your symptoms and begin your road to recovery.


In providing high-quality care and treatment, our number one priority is patient safety and confidentiality. For these reasons, the doors leading to our unit are locked and certain public areas are under video surveillance. Staff members are not permitted to share personal health information without having a form signed by the patient.


Patients of The Christ Hospital Behavioral Medicine unit are guaranteed certain basic rights, which we want patients and families to know and understand. A list of rights will be provided during admission or are available upon request.

Adult Inpatient Mental Health Unit 

The focus of the Adult Inpatient Mental Health Unit is crisis stabilization for individuals 18 years of age and older who have a primary psychiatric diagnosis. The program includes a multidisciplinary assessment, diagnosis, intervention, evaluation and referral. 

Senior Adult Mental Health Unit 

The Senior Adult Mental Health Unit is a specialty unit designed for patients age 60 and older who require acute inpatient psychiatric care. The program includes a multidisciplinary assessment, diagnosis, intervention, evaluation and referral. In addition, gerontologists are available for medical management.

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