Heart valve disease care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, our team of experts is changing the lives of those affected by heart valve disease. We are the first hospital in Greater Cincinnati to provide exceptional and innovative care in traditional valve repair/replacement surgery. Our groundbreaking work is advancing care with new aortic, mitral, pulmonary and tricuspid valve treatments.

Heart valve disease specialists

Geoffrey A. Answini, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery
Mario A. Castillo Sang, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery / Surgery, General
Joseph K. Choo, MDInterventional Cardiology / Cardiovascular Disease
Jeffrey M. Griffin, MDThoracic and Cardiac Surgery / Internal Medicine
Dean J. Kereiakes, MDInterventional Cardiology / Cardiovascular Disease
Ian J. Sarembock, MDInterventional Cardiology / Cardiovascular Disease
Satya Shreenivas, MDCardiovascular Disease / Interventional Cardiology

To schedule an appointment with a heart valve disease specialist at The Christ Hospital, please call 513-206-1222.