​Pulmonary hypertension care team at The Christ Hospital Health Network

Pulmonary hypertension requires a team approach to care. Experts at The Christ Hospital who may be involved in your care and treatment include:

  • Pulmonologists

  • Cardiologists

  • Pharmacists

  • Nurse practitioners (NPs)

  • Respiratory therapists (RTs)

  • Nutritionists


Cardiologists are an essential part of your care team because they interpret heart test results and monitor heart function.

Depending on a patient's needs, other practitioners and specialists may be part of the team.


  • Pharmacists make sure the medications you need for your pulmonary hypertension are on hand for you and the team.

  • Nurse practitioners (NPs) provide follow-up and day-to-day care.

  • You may see respiratory therapists (RTs) during the course of your treatment, since these experts monitor oxygen levels.

  • Nutritionists can prescribe low-sodium diets to help lower fluid retention, if needed.

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