Neurosurgery patient stories

Megan Dillon
Megan Dillon was on her way to becoming a successful Nashville star until a hard bump on the head left her in debilitating pain. After seeing several doctors and never getting the right diagnosis, Megan's condition didn't improve. Frustrated, Megan moved back to her hometown of Cincinnati and sought the expertise of Dr. Mark Magner. Learn more about Megan’s remarkable journey to recovery.
Laureen Bingham
Laureen Bingham, a very busy mother of two children, one with special needs, was shocked when she learned she had a brain tumor. She was always putting her family first and didn’t realize that something was wrong, until it was difficult to move her arm. Mark Magner, MD performed a left-sided frontoparietal craniotomy for supratentorial, extra-axial tumor resection. Watch now to learn more.
Ray Larson
Ray Larson never had a problem remembering tasks; so, when he started forgetting simple things, he became concerned and sought medical advice. An MRI showed Ray had a brain tumor and surgery was needed right away. That’s when he sought the expert care of Dr. Mark Magner. Dr. Magner was able to successfully remove the tumor and give Ray back his life. Learn more of Ray’s story now.