Ear & Ear Tube Surgery

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​​​​​​​​​Ear Tube Placement and Complex Ear Surgeries for Children and Adults​

Medical management is the first line of therapy in virtually all ear problems. But, if infection involves the air space in the skull behind the ear, called the mastoid, or there is a hole in the ear drum​ or a pocket of skin is pulled back into the mastoid, then ear surgery may be necessary. 

The Christ Hospital Health Network’s ​​​​​​board-certified otolaryngologists​ have expertise in the full spectrum of ear and mastoid surgery for children and adults – from ear tubes for recurrent infections to the more complex surgeries, such as ear drum and hearing bone repair as well as mastoid surgery.  

Adults requiring ear tubes can have them placed in the office (without pain) under a topical anesthesia using a microscope. No sedatives are needed, so you can drive yourself to the office and return directly to work. Children who require ear tubes will be placed under general anesthesia at the hospital or surgery​ center to allow a safe and comfortable placement of the ear tubes. 

An operating room is required for ear drum repair, hearing bone replacement for hearing loss and mastoid surgery for chronic infection or a mastoid skin cyst (cholesteatoma​). General anesthesia, and specialty equipment is necessary, and the operating room provides the proper environment for these procedures. 

Our goals for all ear surgeries are to repair damage due to infection or trauma, and to rebuild the hearing mechanisms for the best hearing possible.​

The Christ Hospital Physicians - Ear, Nose & Throat​

Our comprehensive specialists of The Christ Hospital Physicians – Ears, Nose & Throat offer children and adults diagnostic, surgical and follow-up care; voice disorder evaluation and treatment options; hearing assessments and recommendations; and a full spectrum of allergy testing and management.​