General Surgery

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​​The Christ Hospital Health Network has numerous board-certified general surgeons who are skilled in conventional and minimally-invasive techniques. Not all have a specific focus area, like breast cancer or transplant surgery, rather they specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and surgically treating a broad spectrum of disease processes. Areas of focus may include elective and emergency surgery involving:

Gallbladder surgery
Hernia repair
Skin and soft tissue biopsy
Seamless care where you need it, when you need it

General surgeons of The Christ Hospital Physicians are a part of a medical team that expects nothing less than quality outcomes for your surgery. You can receive a consultation in or near where you live at our convenient offices in Anderson, Fort Wright, Green Township, Mt. Auburn and Mason. And, procedures may be done at The Christ Hospital or The Christ Hospital Surgery Center depending on your situation.  

For more information or to find a general surgeon near you, call 513-585-1000.