Birthing Centers

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​​​​​Exceptional Obstetrical ​Care for Exceptional Moments​​

Whether you are a new mom, or have had children before, The Christ Hospital Health Network is dedicated to providing you the finest patient experience for one of the most important moments of your life.

With more than 120 years of maternity care experience, we have a long standing tradition of providing exceptional maternity services to women in the Greater Cincinnati community. Our birthing centers, located in Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township (opening 2018), consist of labor and delivery, recovery and postpartum care. We also have a Special Care Nursery Unit at our Mt. Auburn location.

No matter how you choose to express the wonder and joy of parenthood, you deserve a unique birth experience created by your own expectations and lifestyle. 

Find out how our birthing centers meet your personalized needs:

Mt. Auburn Birthing Center

Liberty Family Birthing Center