​Breastfeeding support

Your decision to breastfeed is a healthy, rewarding beginning for you and your baby. Every mother has a different experience with breastfeeding—some find it very natural and easy, others may go through an adjustment period. The experts at The Christ Hospital Health Network are here to support you through the breastfeeding process so both you, and your newborn, have a successful experience.

Inpatient breastfeeding consultation

As an inpatient in one of our birthing centers, you’ll be visited by one of our International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants. They are available to assist you with any breastfeeding issues you have during your hospital stay and discuss with you any concerns or questions you may have.

Outpatient breastfeeding consultation

Once you've gone home, you may have more questions or concerns about how your breastfeeding is progressing. Our consultants are available to answer your questions over the phone, or if you need a little more help, you can schedule an outpatient appointment with one of our lactation consultants.

The cost of an outpatient lactation appointment is $145, which is covered by Medicaid and many HMOs with a physician's referral. Appointments are available 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays and Sundays as needed. After you go home, telephone support is available by calling 513-585-0597 (Mt. Auburn) , 513-648-7671 (Liberty) or by e-mailing lactation@TheChristHospital.com​.

Breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding can often seem like a 24 hour a day process. Ninety percent of breastfeeding moms use a breast pump and The Christ Hospital Health Network makes it easier for you to do this by offer breast pump rentals and sales in our Expressions & More breastfeeding supply store on the 9th floor South in our postpartum unit of the hospital.

We also offer apparel and a variety of breast care products for breastfeeding moms. Check out our Expressions breastfeeding supply store.

Breastfeeding classes

You may not be thinking about breastfeeding yet, but now is the time to prepare. The Christ Hospital offers breastfeeding classes to our expectant moms. For $15, you can learn about baby positioning, latch-on techniques, bonding, father involvement, and guidance for working mothers, trouble-shooting and pumping techniques. Both parents are encouraged to attend.

Baby Café

The Christ Hospital's Baby Café is a support group of women where you can share experiences with others in your same situation and make friends. Baby Café offers encouragement and education in all aspects of breastfeeding and its impact on daily life. Our support group is facilitated by International Board Certified Lactation consultants who specialize in feeding infants. With their training and experience in helping breastfeeding mom and babies, you can discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Whether you’re a brand new mom or an experienced parent, many women have difficulty breastfeeding or just want an open and supportive environment to ask questions and meet other breastfeeding moms. You are welcome to join us at Baby Café anytime for as long as you need breastfeeding support.  Baby Café is held 4 times a month. To register for our Mt. Auburn support group click here. To register for our Liberty support group click here. 

Additional breastfeeding support

Download a free comprehensive resource guide or request it by calling 513-585-0597. Printed copies are available through your nurse or lactation consultant.