​​Sleep Medicine at The Christ Hospital 

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, you’re not alone. The National Institutes of Health estimate about 30 percent of the population experiences interruptions to their sleep at some point in their lives. 

In many cases, the outcome is nothing more serious than wanting a nap the next day or a slightly earlier bedtime. When those disruptions become the norm, however, it can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The sleep medicine experts in The Christ Hospital Health Network understand the impact a sleep disorder has on every aspect of your life. We offer comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis, including a sleep study if your situation indicates one is needed. 

Our advanced treatment options include techniques that range from education and behavior modification to surgery depending on your individual needs.

Whether you have a serious sleep disorder like sleep apnea or just need to follow a healthy bedtime routine, the sleep medicine specialists at The Christ Hospital Health Network could be your first step towards regular restorative rest.

When is it time to see a sleep medicine specialist?

Everyone has the occasional restless night, but when sleep problems keep you from getting adequate rest on a regular basis, it may be time to get help. 

Do you:

  • Feel irritable or sleepy during the day?

  • Have difficulty staying awake when sitting still, watching television, or reading?

  • Have difficulty concentrating?

  • Often get told by others that you look tired?

  • React slowly?

  • Have trouble controlling your emotions?

  • Feel like you have to take a nap almost every day?

  • Require caffeinated beverages to keep you going?

If you experience one or more of these issues frequently, consider talking to a sleep specialist about diagnosis and treatment options.

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network? 

The Christ Hospital Health Network offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for sleep disorders and their underlying causes. We can help you get the rest you need.

  • Our board-certified sleep specialists conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your medical and sleep history that goes well beyond just a sleep study and forms the foundation for your diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • We offer Inspire to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Inspire is a small device that is placed under the skin of your neck and chest and controlled with a remote device to replace a CPAP machine.

  • We offer in-home sleep studies as well as those conducted in our two sleep centers, which are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

  • Our team participates regularly in ongoing clinical research, keeping them on the leading edge of developments in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep issues.