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The Christ Hospital's Montgomery Outpatient center, where the South Asian Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center is located.
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​South Asian Cardiovascular Clinic

As someone of South Asian descent, you know you have a unique risk for heart disease—a unique risk that requires unique care.

Your heart disease risk factors are different from the average person's risk factors, and this means you need specialized cardiovascular care from a medical team that knows and understands the evidence behind the greater risk for heart disease in South Asians.

The Christ Hospital Health Network has established the South Asian Cardiovascular Clinic to address this important healthcare need in our community. Our specialists look for risk factors that may be missed by standard cardiovascular health assessments and provide comprehensive, personalized treatment to reduce your risk and improve your health.

Heart disease in South Asians

The facts regarding heart disease in South Asians are a cause for concern:

  • South Asians (anyone from or with ancestors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar or the Maldives) represent approximately 25% of the world's population but make up 60% of the world's heart disease patients.
  • South Asian Americans have a four times greater risk of developing heart disease 10 years earlier than the general population in America.
  • Studies show that South Asians don't usually fit the typical profile of someone at risk for heart attack or other major heart problems. Because of this, they don't receive early preventative care.

These facts apply to both South Asian men and women.

The South Asian Cardiovascular Clinic aims to focus on the special cardiovascular needs of South Asians in our community and the surrounding region. Our expert team provides pioneering, individualized heart care and education on the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease.

Your first visit to the South Asian Cardiovascular Clinic

At your first appointment, you will speak to Santosh Menon, MD, cardiologist with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Heart & Vascular, to learn your needs. Dr. Menon will then refer you to other specialists you may need.

Our services include:

  • a thorough evaluation of your cardiovascular health and risk factors
  • a tailored treatment plan that works with your needs and lifestyle
  • nutritional guidance from a dietitian trained in South Asian nutrition.

Your cardiovascular care plan will be customized to your individual needs using a culturally sensitive approach.

Clinic location and hours

South Asian Cardiovascular Clinic 
The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center – Montgomery
11140 Montgomery Road | Cincinnati, OH 45249
Thursdays, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Schedule your appointment 

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