Cancer survivorship program 

Once treatment for cancer ends, where does that leave you? You may celebrate, take time to reflect or may be full of relief – for many it can be all of these things and a time to start living life to its fullest. 

However, for some, issues like fatigue, anxiety, weight changes, lymphedema and neuropathy can be troubling and may require further support. Additionally, many people face financial distress brought on by the cost of their treatment or loss of income during treatment. 

For those reasons, the Christ Hospital Health Network provides cancer survivors support, resources and guidance on managing life after their treatment ends. These opportunities may include individualized survivorship plans, peer support and education programs.

Survivorship care plans

Some patients will receive an individualized survivorship care plan, which details the treatment they received, common issues or symptoms related to that treatment and any new signs or symptoms to watch for after treatment is over. 

Our goal is to educate and prepare our patients for the next phase of their life. To learn more about survivorship care plans and survivorship resources, contact your treatment team at 513-585-4154.

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Peer support

People living with cancer may benefit from the practical help and advice they receive from others who have lived through similar situations. Support groups bring people together and provide a safe forum for exchanging perspectives, sharing concerns, and gaining confidence to face the future. At the Christ Hospital Health Network, we believe strongly in providing survivors with the support and resources they need. 

Survivorship Facebook Group

No one should have to face cancer issues alone. To help connect you with other people that may be struggling with the same issues and concerns you have, we created a private Facebook group for Christ Hospital cancer survivors. Contact to be added to this group.

Wellness programs

The Cancer Survivorship Wellness programs are held throughout the year and cover common topics in cancer survivorship including financial stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, long-term side effects and lifestyle changes, as well as sharing resources and solutions to help. The events are held at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center on D-Level of the main hospital campus. All survivors and family members are welcome to attend. For those not able to attend the events in person we offer videos of the event.

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