Cancer survivorship program 

After your cancer treatment, you may find it easy to return to the life you led before your diagnosis. But for some, their lives are significantly changed by the experience.

Cancer survivors may be challenged to figure out how to return to everyday life while adjusting to the effects of the disease and its treatment. For that reason, every cancer patient at The Christ Hospital Cancer Center receives a survivorship care plan, individualized just for his/her needs.

We design the plan to help you, your family and friends prepare for life after cancer treatment. The plan helps you keep track of your health care information, teaches you signs and symptoms to watch for, recommends when to call your doctor, gives you advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and provides you with a list of resources you may need.

Our goal is to educate and prepare you for the next phase of your life. To learn more about your survivorship care plan and survivorship resources, contact your treatment team at 513-585-2323.

Survivorship community resources